Brian May details 'horrendous' Covid-19 battle as he begs fans to get vaccinated

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(CNN)Rock euphony icon Brian May has urged the nationalist to get the Covid-19 vaccine, aft telling fans connected Instagram he's been having a "truly horrible" clip since investigating affirmative for the microorganism past week.

In a bid of posts and videos connected Instagram, the 74-year-old has been documenting however he's been affected by coronavirus successful the past fewer days.

Taking to Instagram astatine the weekend, May said that helium and his wife, Anita Dobson, had precocious made the determination to spell to a day luncheon with immoderate friends.

    He told followers that the luncheon seemed similar a "safe situation," arsenic he'd taken a lateral travel trial that greeting and helium and Dobson person some been vaccinated. But helium added that, arsenic the Omicron variant spreads crossed the UK astatine a accelerated rate, the mates were taking a "risk" successful attending a party.

      'An lawsuit   canceled is amended  than a beingness  canceled,' WHO main  warns up  of vacation  season

      The Queen guitarist past delivered a connection straight to "the fewer of you retired determination who haven't had this" -- successful notation to contracting the microorganism -- astir what it has felt similar for him since investigating positive. He described a fewer of the days arsenic "horrendous" and said it has been similar having "the worst flu you could imagine."

      May said that helium astir utilized Instagram erstwhile helium felt astatine his worst to amusement followers however "pathetic" helium looked and felt, but helium was disquieted it would "frighten people." He told fans that, for a while, helium "couldn't get retired of bed" and was "filled" with flu symptoms.

      Towards the extremity of the video, May turned his attraction straight towards the unvaccinated and said: "There are truthful galore radical successful hospitals close present who weren't jabbed who are close connected the enactment betwixt beingness and death." He added that helium doesn't deliberation helium would person recovered arsenic good arsenic helium has were it not for having had 3 jabs.

      "I beg you and implore you to spell and get jabbed," the instrumentalist told fans.

        British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said connected Monday that the United Kingdom is experiencing "cases of Omicron surging crossed the country," with "hospitalizations rising rather steeply successful London."

        The UK reported its second-highest fig of regular Covid-19 cases since the opening of the pandemic connected Monday, astatine 91,743.

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