Spike your holiday movies with extra fun with our bingo game

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(CNN)There's nary shortage of axenic vacation movie food to unwrap this year.

Netflix has a Scotland-based emotion communicative with "A Castle for Christmas" and the 3rd (!!) installment of its "Princess Switch" franchise. BET+ has drama-filled household amusive with "A Jenkins Family Christmas." HBO Max, which similar CNN is owned by WarnerMedia, has been streaming the nostalgic "8-Bit Christmas" since precocious November. Lifetime is joining the long-overdue queer Christmas inclination with its archetypal holiday-themed lesbian romance "Under the Christmas Tree."

Gingerbread, crystal  wine, kittens and castles, 10 vacation  movies to get   excited about

Then there's Hallmark, which is doing what Hallmark usually does and serving up much easy-to-digest cheer than your important different tin handle.

    If rom-com nostalgia is your cupful of Christmas "tea," cozy up with comfy classics similar "The Holiday" oregon "Love Actually."

      'Tis the play to springiness up the distant for love, Grinches. But there's a mode to marque watching these films amusive for adjacent the astir reluctant participant: Holiday movie bingo.

      Play for prizes. Make it a drinking game. Your pick. Either way, person fun.

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