Time to toss another coin to 'The Witcher' and more

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(CNN)Are you tired?

I am. Because betwixt the accent of the holidays and worrying astir variants, I'm not precisely sleeping wholly peacefully these days.

    If this is you, travel articulation maine connected the communal sofa (socially distanced, of course) to binge the clip distant until things get better.

      Three things to watch

      'The Witcher' Season 2

      Henry Cavill stars arsenic  Geralt of Rivia successful  "The Witcher."

      I'm not large into fantasy, but the beingness of Henry Cavill is capable to marque maine a believer.

      The "Man of Steel" prima is backmost arsenic Geralt of Rivia, the monster hunter, successful play 2 of the Netflix series, based connected the fashionable publication bid by Andrzej Sapkowski.

      Those books were adapted into an even much fashionable video crippled series, and the amusement has plentifulness of action — particularly this play arsenic warfare is raging.

      Season 2 starts streaming Friday.

      'Swan Song'

      Mahershala Ali stars arsenic  Cameron, a terminally sick  household  man, successful  "Swan Song."

      Name a relation that Mahershala Ali doesn't slay in. I'll wait.

      In this caller film, helium stars arsenic a doting begetter and hubby who faces a terminal unwellness and a imaginable mode to support his household from the grief that comes on with that.

      Major dense hitters are successful this one, with Naomie Harris starring arsenic his wife, Poppy, and Glenn Close arsenic his doctor.

      It starts streaming connected Apple TV+ Friday.

      'Shatner successful Space'

      William Shatner (left) and the NS-18 unit  are shown floating wrong  the Blue Origin abstraction  capsule.

      Did you ever deliberation you would spot the time erstwhile "Star Trek" fable William Shatner would truly boldly spell wherever nary TV prima had gone before?

      This caller documentary takes america down the scenes of Shatner's trek with Blue Origin, funded by Amazon mogul Jeff Bezos.

      At 90, Shatner became the oldest idiosyncratic to ever question into outer space.

      The documentary is streaming connected Amazon Prime, naturally.

      Bonus: Catch maine dishing with CNN's Audrey Irvine connected immoderate fallout resulting from Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith's perpetual oversharing. (Did idiosyncratic accidental entanglement?) You tin presumption the latest occurrence of my show, Pop Life Pop Off! here:

      Two things to perceive to

      'Succession' podcast

      Brian Cox arsenic  Logan Roy is shown successful  a country   from play   3  of "Succession."

      Season 3 is successful the books, but that doesn't mean you can't inactive indulge successful your emotion of the HBO series. (HBO and CNN are some portion of WarnerMedia.)

      On this podcast, writer Kara Swisher "unpacks existent satellite events that echo the saga unfolding connected screen."

      Swisher has guests including those moving connected the amusement and chap journalists assistance interruption it each down.

      Way to support up the "Succession" love.

      It's streaming connected Apple, Spotify and different services wherever podcasts tin beryllium found.

      'The Real Killer'

      "The Real Killer" seeks to unravel a brutal transgression  from decades ago.

      If you are a regular Pop Life Chronicles reader, you cognize that existent transgression is simply a passionateness of mine. For your newbies, record that information away.

      "The Real Killer" is precisely the benignant of podcast that has to beryllium each the mode plugged successful to effort and sleuth retired the truth.

      Host Leah Rothman investigates "one of the astir gruesome crimes successful Missouri history." It's a lawsuit that baffled instrumentality enforcement and resulted successful a St. Louis antheral being sentenced to beingness successful prison.

      Almost 40 years later, new grounds has emerged, and the question is this: Who is the existent killer?

      The archetypal 2 episodes are streaming present connected IHeartRadio and different podcast platforms.

      One happening to speech about

      Multiple media partners person  opted not to enactment   publically  with the Golden Globes ceremonial  this twelvemonth  due to the fact that of diverseness  issues wrong   the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

      If an awards amusement isn't televised, is it truly an awards show?

      The 79th Annual Golden Globe nominations were announced Monday, but due to the fact that of diverseness issues and ethical questions raised astir the enactment down it, the ceremonial doesn't person a web to aerial the event.

      What is an awards amusement with nary televised ceremony?

      Awards shows are connected beingness enactment successful presumption of ratings, but 1 happening Hollywood loves is to observe itself.

      So onward, I suppose.

      Something to sip on

      Season 18 of "The Bachelorette" stars Michelle Young.

      Every erstwhile successful a while, thing volition hap connected world tv that could pb 1 to question however "real" said "unscripted" shows really are.

      Such is the lawsuit with this play of "The Bachelorette."

      Social media has been marveling for the past fewer weeks astatine the information that this year's woman looking for love, Michelle Young, ended up with the last 4 contestants each being biracial, similar her.

      Now, it could simply beryllium that, arsenic a idiosyncratic of color, she recovered much things successful communal with the contestants who were besides radical of color.

        But the much cynical viewers wondered if ABC was simply trying to unopen the doorway connected the contention implicit the past deficiency of diverseness connected the bid and erstwhile big Chris Harrison leaving the franchise due to the fact that of racially insensitive remarks.

        What bash you think? Coincidence oregon savvy skills connected the portion of the show's producers?

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