Trevor Noah files suit against New York hospital claiming negligence

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(CNN)Comedian and precocious nighttime big Trevor Noah has filed a suit against his doc and a New York City infirmary alleging that their negligence caused him to "sustain permanent, terrible and grievous injuries," according to the ailment obtained by CNN.

Noah alleges the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) and Dr. Riley J. Williams III failed to decently diagnose his unwellness and condition, failed to notation him to specialists with due accomplishment and grooming to dainty his illness, and negligently performed exams and surgery.

He besides alleges that they failed to some supply due aesculapian attraction and to get due and informed consent for treatment, according to the complaint.

    A spokesperson for HSS provided CNN with a connection that began "HSS received a ailment filed connected behalf of Mr. Trevor Noah."

      "We person shared with Mr. Noah's lawyer a elaborate rebuttal to the claims, which are meritless," the connection reads. "Due to HIPAA, we are restricted by instrumentality from addressing publically circumstantial aspects of the attraction of immoderate patient."

      The quality of Noah's wounded and country were not disclosed successful the complaint.

      According to the ineligible complaint, Noah received attraction from HSS and Williams III betwixt August 25, 2020, and December 17, 2020, including a country connected November 23, 2020.

      During that time, the ailment says Noah "sustained terrible and achy idiosyncratic injuries, sustained terrible tense shock, intelligence anguish, terrible affectional distress and large carnal pain."

      Noah was "confined to furniture and location for a agelong play of time; was compelled to acquisition infirmary and aesculapian aid" which led him to endure "loss of enjoyment of life" and prevented him from doing his occupation for a agelong play of time, the ailment said.

        Because immoderate of his injuries are permanent," helium volition proceed to endure akin damages successful the future," the ailment besides states.

        CNN has reached retired to Dr. Riley J. Williams III and was referred to the media relations section of HSS. CNN has been incapable to find if Williams has an attorney.

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